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In recent weeks, we've seen OHSU unilaterally implement unfunded wage increases for research workers that have led to layoffs.  Our colleagues in Graduate Research United find themselves in a simil

Just a quick request -- we need your help in supporting fellow Researchers who have received layoff notices at OHSU!

As you may have seen, Research Workers United has cr

We filed for union authorization with 2/3rds majority! 

Celebrate with us at our next Happy Hour! 

When: Friday, May 4th @ 6pm. 

Where: The Workers Tap – 101 SE 12th Ave (maps)


In case you haven't heard, we filed our official recognition petition with the State of Oregon's Employment Relations Board on Friday, 4/7.  With a solid supermajority of our colleagues having signed authorization cards, we are confident that postdocs at OHSU are committed to joining together as a union to improve working conditions. We are looking forward to the official certification of our union and are already getting prepared to bargain our first contract. Stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

It's time to start collecting authorization cards!

After months of working to build majority support, we are finally ready to move to the next stage of the campaign.